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    Fantasy (1979) - Lysa Thatcher

    Fantasy (1979) - Lysa Thatcher

    Fantasy (1979)

    Starring: Lori Blue, Lysa Thatcher, Liza Dwyer
    Categories: Classic
    Date Added: 1979
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    Set in an elegant cafe at an island resort, Director Gerard Damiano takes us inside the minds of the characters to examine their fantasies about each other! Each vignette is increasingly erotic, with heat generated by the thoughtful examination of interpersonal relationships! This is one of the few adult films that draws applause at it's conclusion. A Masterpiece!

    Scene 1. Lori Blue, Paul Thomas
    Scene 2. Lysa Thatcher, David Morris
    Scene 3. Brooke West, Paul Thomas
    Scene 4. Liza Dwyer, Paul Thomas
    Scene 5. Jane Lindsay, Sharon Kane
    Scene 6. Kyoto Sun, Susan Nero, Aaron Stuart
    Scene 7. Georgina Spelvin, Jon Martin, Michael Morrison
    Scene 8. Kyoto Sun, Jon Martin
    Scene 9. Dorothy Lemay, Paul Thomas


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