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    Slit Skirts (1983) - Joanna Storm

    Slit Skirts (1983) - Joanna Storm

    Slit Skirts (1983)

    Starring: Candy Stanton, Joanna Storm, Marilyn Gee, Rachel Ashley, Sharon Kane, Bill Mac, Jim Davey, Joe Santini, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy, Steve Stud
    Categories: Classic
    Date Added: 1983
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    Imagine a clinic for the sexually perverted with an epidemic raging within its walls -- Sexual Madness! Hospital nurses with their own special, steamy therapy, doctors who consult under the covers, and luscious lustful Joanna Storm, who seduces her friend for a wet and wild climax. If you want pounding, non-stop action, peeking into SLIT SKIRTS is a sure cure for whatever ails you.

    Scene 1. Rachel Ashley, Richard Harde, Rod Pierce
    Scene 2. Joanna Storm, Dan Stephens
    Scene 3. Marilyn Gee, Joe Santini, Unknown Male 5022-C
    Scene 4. Linda M. Joaquin
    Scene 5. Linda M. Joaquin, Bill McKean, Buddy Hatton
    Scene 6. Bunny Hatton, Ron Jeremy
    Scene 7. Sharon Kane, Michael Bruce
    Scene 8. Ashley Welles, Reisa
    Scene 9. Ashley Welles, Reisa, Joey Silvera
    Scene 10. Candy Stanton, Jim Davey


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