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    Hello Molly (1989) - Megan Leigh

    Hello Molly (1989) - Megan Leigh

    Hello Molly (1989)

    Starring: Molly O'Brien, Megan Leigh, Chrystal Cluster, Mike Horner.
    Categories: Classic
    Date Added: 1989
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    When she shows up, the party begins! You're in for a raunchy reception when this totally insatiable nym-phomaniac makes the scene! There's a dirty pool dip, a movie theatre orgy, and a lezzie lusting encounter with gorgeous Megan Leigh. Can anything quench Molly's thirst for sleazy sex?! There's many a surprise as her unbelievable sexual con-quests mount up. When you say Hello Molly, you say hello to the most astounding sex there is!

    Scene 1. Molly O'Brien, Mike Horner
    Scene 2. Molly O'Brien
    Scene 3. Lisa Bright
    Scene 4. Crystal Cluster, Don Fernando, Marc Wallice
    Scene 5. Megan Leigh, Molly O'Brien
    Scene 6. Lisa Bright, Don Fernando
    Scene 7. Molly O'Brien
    Scene 8. Megan Leigh, Mike Horner
    Scene 9. Molly O'Brien, Marc Wallice


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