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    House of the Rising Moon (1986) - Tiffany Storm

    Models: Buffy Davis
    House of the Rising Moon (1986) - Tiffany Storm

    House of the Rising Moon (1986)

    Starring: Mavis De Noire, Buffy Davis, Je T'Aime, Sophia Charm, Tiffany Storm, Frank James, Lee Jay, Randy West, Scott Irish, Steve Powers
    Categories: Classic
    Date Added: 1986
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    Welcome to the House of the Rising Moon. The most infamous whorehouse in erotic history. Come on in stranger, and partake in the passions of the flesh like you have never experienced before. Our ladies will please and tease you like no other. It's their job. You won't believe your eyes when you see what these girls can do to get you off in this sensuous sequel to "A Dark Side of the Moon." Don't miss this classic.

    Scene 1. Buffy Davis, Frank James, Ray Victory, Scott Irish
    Scene 2. Tiffany Storm, Frank James
    Scene 3. Je T'Aime, Steve Powers
    Scene 4. Buffy Davis, Scott Irish
    Scene 5. Tiffany Storm, Ray Victory
    Scene 6. Buffy Davis, Tiffany Storm
    Scene 7. Mauvais DeNoir, Randy West


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