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    Kiss My Grits (1990) - Tami Moore, Chery Taylor

    Kiss My Grits (1990) - Tami Moore, Chery Taylor

    Kiss My Grits (1990)

    Starring: Tami Moore, Chery Taylor, Tanja De Vries.
    Categories: Classic
    Date Added: 1990
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    Well, KISS MY GRITS, honey! Tami Monroe slings hash (and that ain't all) with her gorgeous girlfriends at a down-home, country diner. While passionate Pam is serving the country agent, Scandinavian bombshell Inga is whipping things up with the janitor! Ah, but Miss Tami takes the cake! From hitting a horny homerun with a baseball player to a spicy three-way orgy at the end, this little dynamo proves she's the hottest dish in town!

    Scene 1. Cheri Taylor, Joey Silvera
    Scene 2. Tami Monroe, Jon Dough
    Scene 3. Tanya DeVries, Mark DeBruin
    Scene 4. Tami Monroe, Joey Silvera
    Scene 5. Elysse, Ray Victory
    Scene 6. Cheri Taylor, Tami Monroe, Ray Victory

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