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    Godmother (1988)

    Models: Ebony Ayes
    Godmother (1988)

    Godmother (1988)

    Starring: Ebony Ayes, Robin Lee, Tanya Foxx, Ray Victory, Fallon, Charli Waters, Sharon Kane, Viper, Jon Dough, Alexa Park
    Categories: Classic
    Date Added: 1988
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    An all-star interracial cast gets down and dirty in a wild parody of the 'Godfather" movies. Packed with myriad of sexual variables, including the most extreme backdoor scene ever filmed! Sit back and enjoy this X-rated classic from legendary director John Stagliano.

    Scene 1. Alexa Parks, J.J. Goodbar
    Scene 2. Charlie Waters, Viper, Tony El-Ay
    Scene 3. Ebony Ayes, Jesse Adams, Jon Dough
    Scene 4. Tanya Foxx, Viper, Ray Victory
    Scene 5. Fallon, Jesse Adams, Jon Dough


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