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Les caprices dune souris (1981)
Les caprices dune souris (1981)

Les caprices dune souris (1981)

Starring: Barbara Boutet, Claudia van Statt, Manuela
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1981
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The names of some characters are different from what has been listed here. This might be due to the German version though I believe that it has been dubbed accurately. The title song les caprices dune souris is very similar to Lios 1980?s smash hit amoureux soilitaires.
Hubert Geral plays Frederic, a film director whos looking for a big deal. Things start off with a broken shower. Mimi (Claudia van Statt) calls for a plumber (Martine Schultz) who turns out to be a girl. After she has repaired it she gives it a trial and starts undressing. Barbara follows suit. When Frederic arrives the two girls pay some oral attention to him. They stroke his cock between their mouths as he jerks off. The girls lick his dick clean and finish the scene with some intense kissing.

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