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Backdoor Romance (1985)
Backdoor Romance (1985)Backdoor Romance (1985)

Backdoor Romance (1985)

Starring: Lili Marlene, Crystal Lovin, Nicole West, Sheri St. Clair
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1985
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Vicki (Sherry St. Clair) is told by her husband that when he comes home from work tonight he wants to do it "anally." He even leaves her a book on "how to do it." Horrified, she calls her best friend Mary. But Mary offers no consolation. She says that she and her husband do it all the time and so do the Johnsons (John Holmes and Lili Marlene). Vicki's imagination is set in motion as she is told to go over to the Smithers House where lots of people are going through the "backdoor." Vicki does take over and takes a first-hand "peek" at what's going on. The Smithers House is a veritable hot-house of carnal pleasure. Sex-crazed young girls taking it from behind seems to be the normal way of life here. As Vicki takes from one room to the other she spies a lucious redhead (Christel Loven) getting a rather unusual massage from two men (Paul Thomas and Marc Wallice) and they're not rubbing her back.

Scene 1. Lili Marlene, John Holmes, Jon Martin
Scene 2. Sheri St. Clair
Scene 3. Crystal Lovin, Marc Wallice, Paul Thomas
Scene 4. Yoko Wong, Dan T. Mann
Scene 5. Nicole West, Blair Harris
Scene 6. Fawn Paris, Mindy Rae
Scene 7. Fawn Paris, Billy Dee, Buck Adams
Scene 8. Lili Marlene
Scene 9. Lili Marlene, Blair Harris
Scene 10. Connie Peterson, Paul Thomas
Scene 11. Lili Marlene, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
Scene 12. Sheri St. Clair, Billy Dee, Buck Adams

Backdoor Romance (1985)
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