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Onwards To Oblivion
Onwards To Oblivion

Actors: Onwards To Oblivion
Categories: BDSM/Bondage
Length: 21 min
Resolution: 1280X720
Format: mp4
Size: 194mb

In case you werent aware of it, Caddy has become the unofficial DungeonCorp mascot of sorts. She always gives us her all and were glad to take it, this day being no exceptionAs a matter of fact, today were going to take a little bit moreShe finds herself blindfolded and bound in the chair, we watch her every move as she struggles confusedly, her fumbling to gain her bearing tantalizesWe then strip her bare and place her back in the chair and now we tantalize herWe tease her clit with a pole mounted vibe, at times it seems as if it will almost be too much for her to handleWe decide to give her what she needs and we push her on to orgasmic oblivion.

Onwards To Oblivion



10 September 2017