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Tongue is Born (1990)
Tongue is Born (1990)Tongue is Born (1990)

Tongue is Born (1990)

Starring: Kristarah Knight, Tianna, Charlie Latour
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1990
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A once in a life time chance for Elise to star in her first major role! Watch how Elise uses her tongue talents to tantalize her co-stars, and lick her way to the top! In this classic flick, cocks are sucked, pussies are pounded, nipples are licked… and tongues are born!

Scene 1. Kristarah Knight, Rick Savage
Scene 2. Elise, Tianna, Rick Savage
Scene 3. Tianna, Scott Irish
Scene 4. Charlie Latour, Scott Irish
Scene 5. Kristarah Knight, Elise

Tongue is Born (1990)


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