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The ladies take a special delight
The ladies take a special delight

Actors: Pinned, Jerked and Ass Fucked
Categories: Femdom
Length: 18 min
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 1560mb

Goddess Stevie and Diamond Kelly are brutally humiliate a male bitch on the wrestling mat. After they kick the bitch's ass, Diamond puts him in head scissor lock with their powerful thighs. As his face turns beat red, Stevie notices that he has an erection! Getting beat up by girls is actually turning this slut on! Diamond sits of the slut's face, smothering him with her beautiful but sweaty ass as Stevie begins to tease his embarrassingly hard cock. Stevie begins to stroke the slut's cock. When the slut is rock hard the bitch is made to jerk himself off on Stevie's feet AND lick it all up. After the slut has spilled his male filth the Stevie and Diamond violate his ass with their strap on cocks. The ladies take a special delight in degrading this bitch. They drive their cocks deep into his ass, enjoying the fact that he can still taste his own cum in his mouth as they fuck him hard.

The ladies take a special delight


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21 August 2017