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Smooth and Easy (1990)
Smooth and Easy (1990)Smooth and Easy (1990)

Smooth and Easy (1990)

Starring: Sharon Kane, Lauren Hall, Renee Summers
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1990
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The con artist duo Smooth and Easy somehow scam $ 250 out of a victim. But as Smooth goes on to another woman, EasyТs friend Dolly seduces high stakesТ poker player Porter Devereaux to a game with Smooth. Will their love prevail?

Scene 1. Sharon Kane, Peter North
Scene 2. Renee Summers, Ray Victory
Scene 3. Lauren Hall, Randy West
Scene 4. Lauren Brice, Lauren Hall
Scene 5. Lauren Brice, Randy West
Scene 6. Sharon Kane, Ray Victory

Smooth and Easy (1990)


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18 August 2017