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Passages 3 (1991)
Passages 3 (1991)Passages 3 (1991)

Passages 3 (1991)

Starring: Christy Canyon, Jennifer Stewart, Micky Ray
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1991
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She's working. But you get the raise. Vivid presents Passages 3, starring adult's most popular actress Christy Canyon. In the series winning awards and accolades within the industry and beyond. In Chapter 3, Paul Thomas really goes to work. While Christy discovers 9 to 5 can be as stimulating as 5 to 9.

Scene 1. Jennifer Stewart, Peter North
Scene 2. Christy Canyon, Micky Ray
Scene 3. Christy Canyon, Micky Ray
Scene 4. Christy Canyon, Jennifer Stewart
Scene 5. Kahlia, Cal Jammer

Passages 3 (1991)


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